Laundry on an Off-Grid Homestead

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Something as simple as getting the laundry done is really a habit learned by the way one is brought up.  If you were part of the generation where your clothes were washed by being tossed in the machine, and moved to the drier when done, and you find yourself transitioning to a homestead trying to do with less power usage, and don't have enough energy to power a washer and drier, then you might find yourself washing the old fashioned way for a while and need an education on how-to.

Watch as Zach shares their homestead clothes washing routine:  

Regardless how it gets done, we all must clean our clothes one way or another.  In the comments below or on facebook, if you live on a homestead, do you wash this way?  How about water supply?  How do you make do?  Upload pics if you have them!  That's part of the fun... seeing how others make do with differing circumstances!

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