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Harvesting firewood on the farm acreage.
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Heating with wood and using a woodburning cookstove for hot water and food preparation requires a lot of firewood. Thank God for chainsaws and my Polaris Ranger.


Preparing for winter on the homestead can be an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor. However, it's hard work, and takes a keen eye for managing your forest. The Boss of the Swamp believes standing dead trees, small round wood, and diseased trees are the best candidates for removal and culling of healthy woods. Not only do reep high BTU hard wood, but you keep the land clear for the next generation.

Stacking wood can be a bit of an art form as well. Having your wood dry and covered is key for winter. With temperatures in the negatives, it's no time for rumaging around outside. Organization your firewood, as he sees it, can make all the difference, because when it counts, there's no "monkeying around."



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