'Closest Thing to Raw Milk' Sold Legally for the First Time in Australia

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Consumers will be able to buy unpasteurised milk legally for the first time in Australia on Thursday.

"It's not raw milk, but it's the closest thing to it," according to Saxon Joye, the founder of Made By Cow.

The New South Wales start-up company says it uses high water pressure rather than heat to kill harmful bacteria.

"We believe this is the first time in the world that high pressure processing (HPP) has been used for commercial milk," Mr Joye said.

HPP is used for other food products such as fruit juices, often marketed as cold-pressed juice.

"This process allows people to enjoy the natural, tasty and nutritious goodness of raw milk, without resorting to the use of heat pasteurisation or homogenisation," Mr Joye said.

While dairy producers are allowed to drink their own cow milk, the sale of raw milk for human consumption is illegal in Australia.

Mr. Joye said getting approval from the NSW Food Authority was a rigorous, two-year process.

In a statement, the Authority said it had approved HPP as an alternative to heat pasteurisation for killing harmful bacteria in milk, but that it did not endorse any products.

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