This Man Could Change Ranching As We Know It.

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No Risk Ranching by Greg Judy

Based on his personal experience, Greg Judy shows how to make a living from the land without owning it. He describes his successes as well as his mistakes to help others on the road to profit. By leasing land and cattle he went from 40 stockers to over 1100 head and was able to pay off his farm and home loan within three years. Today he has twelve farms totaling more than 1560 acres.

  • Easy to follow chapters explain how to:
  • Find idle pastureland to lease
  • Calculate the cost of a lease and write a contract
  • Develop good water on leased land
  • Figure costs for fencing
  • Lower risk through custom grazing
  • Promote wildlife and develop timber stands
  • And cut costs as well as keep accurate records.

Who will benefit from this book?

  • Beginning graziers seeking a way to get started in grass farming without capital
  • Experienced graziers wanting to expand their operations with little to no additional capital
  • Anyone who has profit as their goal.

You can purchase the No Risk Ranching book HERE

Comeback Farms by Greg Judy

Rejuvenating Soils, Pastures and Profits with Livestock Grazing Management

If you have six cows or 6000, you can utilize High Density Grazing to create fertile soils, lush pastures, and healthy livestock. Greg Judy, the master of custom grazing, shows how to earn profits with little risk while using other people’s livestock on leased land. With grain and fuel prices rising, Judy details how to work with nature without costly inputs, and let the animals be your labor force.

Comeback Farms takes up where Judy’s previous book, No Risk Ranching ended. Here, he shows how to add sheep, goats and pigs to existing cattle operations. He details fencing and water systems that build on existing infrastructure set up for Management-intensive Grazing. Sharing his first-hand experience (the mistakes as well as successes), Judy takes graziers to the next level. He shows how High Density Grazing (HDG) on his own farm and those he leases can revitalize hayed out, scruffy, weedy pastures, and turn them into highly productive grazing landscapes that grow both green grass and greenbacks.

Comeback Farms contains the following:

  • Multi-species grazing
  • Developing parasite-resistant hair sheep flocks
  • Developing grass-genetic cattle
  • Selecting, training, and caring for livestock guardian dogs
  • Calving with High Stock Density Grazing
  • High Density Grazing fencing techniques
  • Judy’s proven favorite fencing equipment
  • Diagrams for HDG fencing and paddock moves
  • Benefits of High Density Grazing
  • And more..

By following Judy’s examples, you’ll keep your fields green and your livestock grazing year-round. In the process you’ll be pocketing your profits.

You can purchase the Comeback Farms book HERE

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