June 2016 Sailing South~ This Family Encounters A Tropical Storm As Their Adventure Begins

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"The whole trip was rushed. We were running late getting to Guatemala, and started the trip all wrong. From there the trip only goes down hill."

It seems every sailing trip begins in fair weather.   Even a day trip in the tropics can end in storms.  So what happens when you head out on open seas?  A long journey can't pick the weather.  ~Come what may, you must prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  

Above:  A couple beautiful shots of the calm before the storm!  Below:  The trip gets rough:

Now enjoy Episode 1 as in June 2016, one family embarks upon an adventure south from the U.S. in an attempt to reach Guatemala when tropical storm Danielle came barreling through:

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Kraken Kissed Adventures is the ongoing documentary series of a family sailing around the world, (and trying to cross even more off their bucket lists).

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