Monsters On The Beach In LaPush (video)

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If you have seen the Twilight series, the setting of part of the story takes place here in Lapush where the Quileute Nation  (Werewolves) live.  It really is tribal land, right down to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  The driftwood piles are amazing, and there is a freedom from oppression on the reservation land that is unparallelled in the states.  Beach side campfires and fireworks were going off at night.  The cabins are amazing, and resembling tiny houses with mini kitchens, lofts, bathroom, and sleeping 4 in a 100 sq ft A-Frame as they call them.  

Watch and enjoy the moments around the "Big Driftwood"

Here are some photos I took with my Samsung Galaxy.  As much as I wanted to go Facebook Live from this beautiful place, there was no phone or internet signal in the area.  This is really out there on the edge of the world!

My son Davy and I made our way out to the tip of the Jedi and hopped the driftwood heavily.  

turn on for more fabulous still shots...

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