Todd Patten And His Alaskan Wilderness (33 photos & 3 Videos)

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It takes a certain kind of strength to live where Todd lives...... where wilderness is wild animals and snow... and more than that...

There is a cold that one must overcome... the darkness of winter when solar panels won't charge... and if you're not prepared to live there, you might just die.  

The snowmobile will get you where you need to go, but remember, you're not in the comfy cabin of a car... you are exposed to that cold, so the clothing you wear is crucial to survival!

"My friend Jack was sleeping in his car overnight down in Moose Pass by Upper Trail Lake and he awoke to 3 feet of snow. He couldn't even open the door!"  These types of photos are taken during the short bit of daylight that is present this time of year

Todd Patten Lives in Tolsona Alaska


Amazing Views Along Turnagain Arm! Video Shared By Todd Patten Of @cabinlife_alaska (ig)

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The cabin is built to handle the snowload.  Notice the regularly ridden transportation... never too buried to get going when he needs to.

When are we going to get enough light for photography? 

Looking up through the trees at -25 degrees

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