Todd Patten And His Alaskan Wilderness (33 photos & 3 Videos)

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Because in the winter, the scenery changes, and the camera comes out again...

When he leaves the house, the cat comes with him... for when the wood stove cools, anything home becomes a popsicle.

And I would venture that he keeps a backup battery around for that long hike when he needs his phone to turn on for another amazing shot!

~From his album: Reflections

Have you ever wondered what happens when there's too much snow?  

In Alaska, 1.  Keep the shop open.  2.  Take a picture of it!


View from the snowmobile.... where's the sign.. beware of avalanches...  yes another of many perils in the great Alaska 

Please whisper.... can you say avalanche pass?  ~from the album:  An unbelieveable amount of snow...

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