Solar Hub Is Changing the World By Providing Clean Drinking Water, Elecricity, and WIFI in one Hub!

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One billion people around the world do not have clean drinking water. Two billion people today do not have clean sanitation or electricity, most living like there ancestors did centuries ago. Five billion people do not have access to connectivity: which results in no access to information or education for the future generations.  The Center for Disease Control estimates that 9.1 percent of global disease could potentially be prevented by cleaner water and improved sanitation. One company has taken all this info and become the answer to this issue.  

Introducing the Watly!  Watly is the world’s first, and largest, solar-powered computer that uses thermal technology to provide clean water, electricity, and Internet connectivity to about 750 people. Measuring in at about 131 feet (40 meters) long, this machine can sanitize up to 1,320 gallons (5,000 liters) of water a day, while generating electricity that can be used to charge external devices. Watly is also built with a 3G/4G router that gives people access to the Internet.

An example of how the water purification works:

The system uses a vapor compression distillation process and can desalinate sea water and get rid of pathogens and pollutants. Photovoltaic panels on top of the machine are used to generate electricity. The excess electricity, stored in a 140 kWh internal battery, can be used to charge up gadgets, like smartphones, lamps, and laptops. The Watly offers up to 1,640 feet (500 meters) of Wi-Fi connectivity and can send any kind of data, such as texts, videos, and images.

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