Solar Hub Is Changing the World By Providing Clean Drinking Water, Elecricity, and WIFI in one Hub!

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During its 15 years of service, one Watly can reduce as much as 2500 tons of greenhouse gas emissions(CO2) equivalent to 5000 barrels of oil. 

Watly is currently crowdfunding to raise funds to build a 3.0 version aiming to provide a village (up to 750 people) with clean water, electricity, and connectivity for 15 years.  Funds will be invested in acquiring the bill of materials, plus funding external engineering support, assembly work, transportation, certifications and assurances.

Watly can work with one, two, three, or four power units; the only thing that changes is the total output of water.  Each stand-alone unit can provide clean water to communities of up to 750 people. 

The ultimate goal of the Indiegogo campaign is the construction of at least one complete unit of Watly.  They intend to reach the $650k goal through three stretch goals.  If they reach $75,000, they will be able to build one Watly Power Unit.  If the campaign goes beyond this goal, they can build a fully functional unit of Watly including the central unit.  

Click Here for more information on the Watly and the campaign to bring water, power, and connectivity to the world!

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