Catching Rain On A Bigger Scale: What We Know Can Help Us ... We Must Act On It

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Rainwater collection isn't a new concept.  You'll notice this video was made in 2007 California.  So if we had planned for drought when we were thinking about it, you would think it really wouldn't have affected so much.  But building the infrastructure on a larger scale in cities to handle this could be a 40 year type of project.  Existing infrastructure changes as preparations are made for roads to be re-paved, and instead of paving over, they have to plan to tear it up and start over, installing cisterns in various strategic places.  It will cost money, but in the long run, there can always be water.  Watch this:  

Someone somewhere has a great plan in action to fix a problem.  The internet brings us together to find, share, and target those solutions.  The goal is to get more people on board.  I think we're moving in the right direction.  Not until recently could you find a national chain business with rainwater catch basins selling out front as Whole Foods was doing this year.  Bringing the masses to awareness takes time.  Getting them to act with their dollars takes even longer.  But when it saves dollars over the long run, getting funded, and realizing the savings later is a smart idea.  

What do you think would work for your town to implement these types of changes?  What would it cost you to set up rainwater catchment at home for garden water?  Is it worth it?  Have you already set up a water conservative system?  Tell us about it!   Do you have a business that sets up rain catchment systems, we would love to hear from you too!  Anyone who has a great story and pictures, click on the "Tell Your Story" button and tell us about your setup.  


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