Melbourne Water Encourages Australian Citizens to Build 10,000 Rain Gardens

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Melbourne Water, a water supply company owned by the Victorian State Government, is encouraging Australian residents to create 10,000 rain gardens – and they’re already up to 7,804! A rain garden is a water-saving garden that is designed to capture stormwater from hard surfaces such as driveways, patios and roofs via downpipes after it rains. The water supply company has set up a website with information on designing, creating and caring for rain gardens – no previous experience necessary.

Meanwhile, Colorado is currently lobbying to allow residents in city developments to have a right to use up to 2 rain barrels at their homes.  Go Melbourne!  Colorado, let's get it together and repeal water storage laws that are nuisance revenue generators, and restore the rights of property owners to capture and use water at their discretion.   

I enjoyed watching this video for several reasons.  It is very important moving forward that we are in communication with government, and it is in communication with us.  Here in the United States, we often find that things are done, but there is no public relations or explanation for what things are done and why.  This simple video helps to communicate the accomplishments and the vision of the department.  I believe every governing body around the world should be taking advantage of technology to help communicate its goals.  That way where there is unclear motive or objective,  it can be corrected and made clear, and a vision can be shared, and the people can have a trust and understanding for what is being accomplished.  People communicate today through videos, facebook, and the internet. This is the type of communication I like to see:


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