Urban Rainwater Harvesting - Hang On To Some Of That Good Water!

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rain-drops-hd-wallpapersSo it's from the perspective that you live in a home that you either have paid for, or are making payments on, and you have decided to move forward with sustainability ideas you have heard about on this page or on another.  You're trying to figure out how to begin, and since your local water bill is tied to your sewer and trash bill, are trying to justify why you would spend money on a system to collect water when you still have to pay for sewer and trash.

May I suggest that you already have a roof and gutters most likely, so your collection is near complete.  All you need is tanks, plumbing, and filtration and you're on your way!  It may cost a bit up front, but you can start with a small tank and build up over time if you like.  PVC pipe is cheap, so it's easy to ad as you wish.  Most of us have a $40 to $120 monthly water/sewer/trash bill these days.  Taking care of the water portion of that will reduce your bill for the long haul.  If you can convince your local municipality not to bill you for water and to shut it off, you've won part of the battle, and are on your way to a great long-term savings plan, and by having the water on your property, have a backup reserve that will never have to worry about what happens if an adverse scenario effects the local water supply.  

Also, you can control your own filtration to keep the water as healthy as you are able.  Not many of us drink tap water any more for fear of bad taste or unhealthy to drink.  I say if you can't drink it you shouldn't shower in it.  Controlling your water supply makes you able to trust the water you shower in.

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