Sarah Palin Just Gave Startling Update On Her Husband Todd. He's In Rough Shape After Snowmobile Accident.

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gave an update Thursday about her husband’s condition, following his serious snowmobile accident over the weekend.  She remains optimistic as she was on the road promoting the Trump campaign when it happened, and continued speaking engagements under the deress citing her faith in God, and asking for prayer for her husband.


The 51 year-old former “First Dude” Todd Palin suffered multiple broken ribs, a broken shoulder blade and clavicle, and knee and leg injuries in the Sunday wreck.

Sarah Palin wrote in a Facebook post:

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything." - Irish Proverb

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Thank you for lifting Todd up in prayer. He's still in ICU under care of a superbly skilled staff. A long surgery repaired numerous breaks in Todd's upper body, docs essentially lifted and secured every rib with steel bands, anchored the broken clavicle with plates and rods, set aside repair of a broken shoulder for later (also later are more minor things like ACL/MCL knee injuries), still mechanically inflating one collapsed lung while other bruised lung, liver, etc., are watched; chest drain is working overtime to keep things clear.

Requiring a bit more than our usual fix-all up here - Duct tape - some gnarly incisions to enter his innards will be reminders of how life can change in the blink of an eye. (And skating through TSA detectors with bionic parts will now be anything but the blink of an eye!)

So thankful for today's medical technology including 3-D X-rays, temporary pain blocks and epidurals. I'm voting for their continued use until a resting position is found that allows minimal wincing with each breath.

We say Mat-Su Regional Hospital ( is the best place to start life - all our babies are Mat-Su born - and these ER and ICU days show our local medical experts are most outstanding at continuing life, too... by the grace of God.

It's all good though, and I hope whatever challenges you face today - physical, emotional, financial - you'll have confidence in the care around you, and you'll apply Todd's consistent advice: "Don't sweat the small stuff."

Your care for Todd is more appreciated than I can express. Thank you. And thank you to the still-mysterious snowmachiner(s) who came upon the wreck and provided critical help that night. I hope to meet you soon!

- Sarah

Often times a spirit of adventure accompanies off-grid life.  You can choose to set home in safety your whole life, or get out there and really live.  Adventure can lead to trials, troubles, accidents, and exposes one to dangers everywhere.  Such a life is often lead by faith that things will turn out okay.  Prayers, faith, love, light, hope and love going out for Todd and his doctors for wisdom and a speedy recovery.  

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