Wine Cellars and Barrels - A Thing Of Mystique

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There is something amazing about a wine cellar.  It's a combination of things.... knowing there is such age to many buildings that have them... knowing that they are there for the purpose of aging, so being old is expected.  I love old things that last a long time.  If wine is supposed to be that, then so must be the cellar. Before electricity, a cellar was considered a dark place.  Since we have the ability to bring light in, it does not have to be so uninhabitable.  Knowing that if you were to go below ground when SHTF in a wine cellar, that you would probably have all the sustenance you need to survive for a long time there, that was probably one of the original intents of old wine cellars being built in a home.... a 50 year food supply hehe.  These pictures just have a beautiful glow about them. Enjoy!  Dave

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