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When you go to the free section of Craigs list, all kinds of great things can be found there.  If it's close to home, it might be worth grabbing.  It's also a great idea to post things you're looking for in the wanted section on craigslist for your area of the planet.  You never know who has what you need, and it's just cluttering up their space!  Click on the pictures below to be taken to the place to contact the giver:

Tempe Arizona

00606_kKsG8becGUD_600x450.jpgJacksonville FL:


Jacksonville FL




We took out a live oak tree in our backyard and need to get rid of the leftover wood. The logs have not been split, and most are 4 - 8 inches in diameter. Please email and we can arrange a time. Free for anyone who wants to come pick it up! South Jacksonville off Philips Highway.

NW Peoria AZ


free particle board and wood pavers


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