Free swing set becomes the new rabbit tractor!

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Errol Wilson just acquired a free children's swing set, and no, it was not meant for his kids. He had the clever idea to turn it into a rabbit tractor to provide his rabbits with fresh grass.

He covered it in chicken wire mesh and reinforced it with wood. Pretty inexpensive and a great way to upcycle what for others seems like trash.

The protective mesh is to prevent digging, has about a 30cm perimeter.  

He ran the mesh about a half a foot inwards so they will have to dig a big tunnel to get out. Then he put a piece of wire on it to keep it tight. What he wanted was to be able to let the kids in to play and not be on wire mesh. Also he think this will end up being a quail house when the rabbits do get out.

Front door so kids can get in to play with the rabbits.

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