Nouvelle Vie Uses Old And Reclaimed Wood To Make New Furnishings

Categories: Recycle

Intriguing photos by a wood craftsman using reclaimed lumber to build furniture of various sorts.  We all can begin to dream of using materials we find or go after that are recycled, and those who are doing business that way will continue to better our world one project at a time.  


Spoon carving! Spoons I carve with a knife. What a satisfying thing to do. You should give it a try yourself! And it looks great on your table! The darker one is made out of Morus, the lighter one is Cherry. Fancy a nice cup of tea? ~Pieter



Limecraft is a young, dynamic software development company based in Ghent. These tables (wood metal combo) are made with old timber and osb leftovers. The ends are made out of old oak that has been sitting in several roofs the last 300-400 years. Solid as a rock! The design was done by Nico (One of the founding members of Limecraft) and me. They are 11 meter long, and create a gentle workspace for their line of work. — at Limecraft.






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