$300 Reclaimed Pallet Greenhouse Build

Categories: Recycle

This is a greenhouse we built out of almost entirely repurposed materials. The windows discarded from another home, the roof of old storm doors, the siding and trim and most other wood needs from pallets, framework/supoort from castoffs from a lumber yard, the door from a neighbor, the tin on the inside discarded from a friend's mother's home, the gutter from a builder friend of ours, the nails mostly from purchased at an auction, the shelving were shelves used as displays from our local Lowes, the pots were from the recycle bin from the same Lowes, the rain barrel (food grade plastic) from a local farmer selling them, All total, it measures approx 8 x 12, approx 10 ft ceiling, and cost us less than $300.00. :D

Nice work and kudos to Laura Dupler who sent me this story.  We can all learn from her creativity and resourcefulness.






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