This Water Pumping Station In The U.K. Is Now A...

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When discussions arise about what is it to be off the grid, there are a lot of factors that come in to play.  It is understanding the reasons that allow us to make good decisions.  If we sent everyone that lives in New York City to live in the country in Oklahoma, then we would lose much of our Oklahoma forest land to pavement.  So we want to conserve what we have, and use what is available whenever possible in the name of simply being good stewards of our planet.  

As we find more and more advantages to living in the digital age, and those who do things the old fashioned way retire away from the governing platform, I believe we will begin to utilize technology even more.  People don't want to go to work in an office when they can office at home just as efficiently.  For that reason, I believe we will see many many more of our old buildings of both business and government vacated as people prefer to remain home, and the cost of such a structure cannot be justified.  

It is then that we find ways to take advantage of these monoliths and find great ways to recycle them.  This is one terrific example!

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