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So You've been hoping and waiting to find that ideal way to get going off the grid on a tiny budget?  There is a way, and here's how....

You need to start with land.  Get it purchased, debt free if you can so there's no stress.  If you want to do it on payments you can.  Here, for instance is an example in California for $4699.00 in Northeastern California.  There's a $299 processing fee, and you can get started with $299 down.  10% off if you pay in full, and that I recommend if you can afford it. 

Bring along your trailer and a generator, and begin to build your dream.  You can see how Andrew and Gabriella Did it if you're not sure quite how to. 

There are thee parcels of the same size at just under an acre.  There's more detail below the pictures.  Then if this suits you... go do it.  What better way to be free to enjoy retirement, or a life of travel than to live off grid with no utility bills.  Get out from under the financial stress that has burdened you.  This is a simple way. 

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Perfect For A Variety Of Uses:

The tracts of land within California Pines are suitable for multiple purposes...

* Build a permanent home. Its prime location lets you live the country life, while still being within easy driving distance of both small and large cities.

* Build a cabin in the woods. Being located within the Modoc National Forest area, towering pines and rolling hills make this property a perfect setting for relaxation.

* Setup Camp. The terrain, mild weather and convenience to so many outdoor activities makes this ideal for camping.

* Enjoy a wide variety of recreational uses. Popular activities include camping, horseback riding, ATV riding, hiking, boating... and many others. Northern California provides you with endless opportunities for adventure.

Scenery, Trees, Water & Wildlife:

Within California Pines, you'll find beautiful vistas, rolling hills, lakes and trickling streams amongst tall natural timbers.

Trees: The property has a variety of trees mostly including some scattered western juniper, pinon pine and ponderosa pines.

Creeks, Ponds, Rivers, And Lakes: California Pines was developed with nature in mind.

The Lake Units are located at an elevation of 4,300 feet in mostly meadow pastureland type of property. The California Pines Lake is 256 acres and next to it sits the California Pines Lodge, a 4,400 feet airstrip, and campground. The lodge consists of 8,000 square feet including a restaurant and lounge as well as 28 motel units and a swimming pool and recreation room.

Seven miles south of the Lake Units are the Hill Units. The elevation in the Hill Units varies from 5,000 to 6,400 feet. The Hill Units cover an area of 20,000 acres, which are almost all covered with pine trees. The Hill Units have three stocked trout ponds and three campgrounds. The main paved road runs through Hill Units 1 through 3, with Hill Units 4 and 5 having all gravel and cinder roads. The secondary roads in Hill Units 1 through 3 are also gravel and cinders. The power line runs along the main road (California Pines Blvd) through all the Hill Units, ending two-thirds of the way through Unit 5. There is thirty-five miles between the lower Lake Units to the outer edge of the Hill Units.

Enjoy Nearby Towns & Attractions:

Since California Pines is conveniently located near Alturas, California -- you'll be able to take advantage of the best of both rural and city living.

Northern California offers such a diverse climate and terrain, that is has become a hotspot for outdoor seekers to come and explore the many thousands of acres of public land and National Parks.

Alturas: The county seat of Modoc County, is a vibrant and rural community in the northeastern corner of California. Alturas’s rural atmosphere, clean environment and close proximity to outdoor recreation make it attractive to both visitors and residents. The town’s pioneer and Basque heritage keep people coming back to enjoy the real West all over again.

Utilities & Road Access:

California Pines is the perfect place to build a permanent home, seasonal residence or just use for your recreational get-a-way retreat. Not only is the land beautiful, but you'll also have access to some utilities, if needed.

Utilities: Phone and electrical service are established and available along most main roads, however not to all branch roads. Water is available within most Lake Units including sewer, Hill Units would require a well. For wastewater disposal, septic systems would need to be installed by each new owner. Please contact the local county or California Pines POA for permits and requirements before installing.

Road Access: All tracts have either gravel/cinder road or paved county road access. Access to some of the more remote lots will be seasonal and are not plowed out in the winter months.

Invest With Confidence:

Classic Country Land, LLC is one of the largest land sellers of its type in the United States. We specialize in offering "undeveloped" land. That way, you get a great deal and can mold your land in any way you wish.

We've been in business for over a decade and have developed a reputation for treating people right. When you buy from us, you'll get fantastic prices on a large selection of great tracts of land.

With us, there is NO middleman. We are the direct source and seller... so you save money and get amazing value.

We also provide outstanding customer service, in-house financing with NO credit check, and have an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau.

With Classic Country Land, you can buy with complete confidence.

Pricing Info:

Development: California Pines

Location: Alturas, Modoc County, California

Size: 0.92+ acre lots

Price: Starting at just $4,699 -- a tremendous value for the money!

Terms: Guaranteed financing is available -- with discounts for cash purchases. Easy, in-house financing is available directly through our company -- with NO credit check required!

Simply put down as little as $299 and get guaranteed financing approval. Plus, there is absolutely no prepayment penalty if you pay your property off early.

In addition, our haggle-free, no-pressure pricing policy is always in effect. You're NEVER pressured to buy -- but our friendly ranch representatives are always available to take your call and answer questions.




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