How's 41 Acres For Under $9000.00 ?

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It's not often you find land at these kinds of prices.  Are you looking for something off the beaten path? This remote off grid tract of land may be just what you are looking for.

Land is located in the valley surrounded by mountains an numerous old cattle ranches.  

Recreation abounds in this region with many state parks and miles of trails and roads that carve out some of the most rugged terrain you will find the in the state of Texas.  Hudspeth County offers all of this and more in a picturesque environment unique to the Great Southwest.

Located south of the Hueco Mountains and West of Sierra Diablo Mountain.  Land is ideally suited for an off-grid home site, ranching, as well as many recreational uses such as camping, hiking, horseback riding, and you can even live on your land.  

This large ranch has road access directly to this section. Located just 15 minutes northeast of Interstate 10 near Finley and Fort Hancock.  This 41 Acre Parcel can be purchased for $8500.00.  Click here to buy.

Here's what life might look like in the desert.  This woman lives in the California desert, so it gets much colder in the winter than in Texas, but the lifestyle might be similar: 

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