How Bout Life In Tennessee? A Place For New Off Grid Beginnings

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What do you think of when you see land like this... completely virgin with undergrowth beneath the trees.  It can be hard work to remove all that brush to plan your project, but in the midwestern U.S. places like Tennessee are continuous with growth.  That's why Davy Crockett loved it so much......  you can grow on it, hunt on it, build from it, and it is constantly renewing with nature and wildlife!



What would you do here if you had all this space to yourself?



This video has some shots of the falls and the forest in the same subdivision of land:


 Off Grid Living Magazine


This is a great parcel as it is located directly along a developed road along the southern boundary. There is slight elevation change to this parcel with it being level along the northern boundary and desending into the hollow area to the south. There is an undeveloped road along the northern boundary with some clearing. Tree cover is moderate to heavy. With easy access, moderate to rolling terrain, this would be the perfect parcel for a cabin, permanent residence or weekend getaway, and yes... it's for sale .....  

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