My Experiences In Attempting To Buy A Piece Of Land In 2012

Categories: Rural Land

When moving toward a decision to buy land, there are always many many factors to consider.  In May of 2012, I was deep into a hunt for land.  It's one thing if it's just you and your family.  I was on the hunt for a property big enough to bring multiple families together.  I was then in Oklahoma, and was originally willing to search multiple states.  My family was in the Seattle area, and my wife's family in Florida, so unless I was moving a long ways away, I would begin the search close.

I was on a pretty short timeline.  I needed to find a place in a month or so.  I scrambled the three and a half hour drive to Branson Missouri, since I love the area, and began driving around looking at lots for sale.  I had put together a short list from online searches.  One lot was about 35 acres of commercial land with highway on two sides for $65,000.00.  I was extremely excited about the price, but when I got there, I noticed there was a road that went through the lot.  On the right was an 8 foot embankment going up, and then about a 9 degree slope upward from there.  It was thick with trees so dense, and to build anything was going to take a build-up with a basement.  We would have a lot of clearing to do.  That could be good if we could sell the wood, or a lot of work to do by hand.  I'm not sure if any kind of loader could get up the bank, so a big dozer would be needed to terraform the land to do anything.   

On the left of the road was a ravine about 100 feet down to a creek.  It was all beautiful but un-buildable.  The ravine came up a cliff on the other side, and to build over there would require a huge bridge.  If you continued up the cliff, it was a giant rock bluff that ended at the highway with a 75 foot cliff's edge going down.  Unless I had millions of dollars, not much building would be going on here.  It was in a small town near Branson that no-doubt would be looking for tax dollars for one of it's few commercial properties.  And we weren't prepared to put anything into it.  .....

Next!   Okay, the next property was said to be backed up to a natural spring that might have a cavern underneath.  The dirt road that we came to went down down down the switchbacks with a creek running across the switchbacks.  If there was ever any heavy rains, the road would wash out.  There was also no flat ground on this property.  It was 30 acres for $150,000, came with a dump truck and a backhoe, and had a little creek at the bottom too.  We had craved water to build a little power plant on the water.  This would work for that, but would be very hard to get in and out, and all was very steep.  They were willing to finance, but price was much higher.  

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