Before You Build Anything, You Need Land

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So you've decided to go off the grid, but you're not sure where to start.  If you're living with family, you what, build a tiny house... then take it where?  Yes you do need a place to put it.  If you have a job, usually your decision of where to be is centered around a job.  If you're living in an apartment like many other city dwellers in say Los Angeles, then finding your way out of the city and into a piece of land you can afford can be a daunting one.  

My suggestion?  Living in the city, where all the jobs are is a good idea if you are working your way up the corporate ladder.  Find a way to live as cheaply as you can so you can save up.  Put together a little nest egg, then make the leap.  It is property like the one below that makes it possible to go live the dream for very little.  Very little still implies you make something.  If you can find a career where you can make a living on-line, then heading to the hills won't hurt so badly.  You will need to be able to afford to build, to eat, to get things started.  

Here's a piece of land in Amboy Washington for $285,000, and you have to pay in full, so it's not too cheap:

amboy washington.jpg

Buying 10 acres in the Columbia River Gorge area near Portland say could cost you $85,000 like this beauty, and if you're strapped for cash, some owner financing is nice, but if you are quitting your job to move to the wilderness, you had better be prepared to find a way to make payments from there.  Considering most owner financiers want at least 10% down, you don't want to get stuck and lose your money.  

columbia gorge.jpg

In Ellensberg WA, There's 10 Acres of land for only $45,000, but look at what you have to work with:

ellensberg wa.jpg

No trees there, grasslands: and I would expect that if you were planning to build from the land, it wouldn't be a log cabin here.  You could build with cob, strawbale or earthen home.  Notice the wind farm in the background.  You know a wind turbine will provide a good source of power.  To me this reminds me of the high desert in California, but to each his / her own. 

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