Michelangelo’s Tuscan Villa Is Up for Sale (Warning: Sticker Shock)

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The eight-bedroom villa, located near Siena, was bought by the Renaissance master in 1549 and remained in the Buonarroti family until 1867 – more than 300 years after his death. The home is surrounded by the vineyards of Chianti, with views of Tuscany’s rolling hills.

Since Michelangelo purchased the home in 1549, the home has only had three owners including the current owner, who possess the original deed to the property. The deed describes Michelangelo as “a dear sculptor and Florentine citizen”. The property, believed to date back to the 11th century, also comes with eight bathrooms, an old mill and a lemon grove and could be yours for $8,165,250 (excluding closing costs).

Of course, when Michelangelo first bought the property in 1549, with the assistance of his nephew Leonardo, he spent just 2,281 florins, the equivalent of about $319,340 today.

Michelangelo moved throughout Italy during his career, completing artistic commissions in Florence, Bologna, and Rome, so it is unclear how much time he would have actually spent relaxing at this Tuscan retreat, even as his health failed in his old age. The artist died in Rome in 1564 at age 88.

The building was originally built as a fortification, and belonged to the Buonarroti family until 1867. The current owner has lived there since 1973, and the villa was most recently renovated 20 years ago. It maintains much of the original architecture, with gorgeous stone walls, wooden floors, and multiple fireplaces. 

via ItalianTribune

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