Wildwood Harvest: Come And Farm Their Land Rent Free!

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Always wanted to farm, but can't afford to buy land? Come farm on our land with infrastructure already in place - rent FREE! We have 2+ acres of established garden space that we want to share.

Includes a 95ft high tunnel, irrigation plumbed with rain water catchment, swales, compost teas and worms, outdoor kitchen, farmer's market setup materials, intern help, and a lot of what you may need to run a successful growing business. The only requirements we have is that you grow things to the standard of permaculture that we expect (i.e. no chemicals, low tilling, etc). Our farm is 15 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, TN.

This is an excellent opportunity for the right person, be your own boss, make your own living, and become part of a permaculture community. Need a place to live? No problem, park your camper or build a shelter on the farm!

This position is available immediately, experience required and permaculture knowledge preferred. Please send a letter with your experience, goals, and timeline to Keith@WildwoodHarvest.org

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