Windward's Sustainable Community Apprenticeship: May be what you're seeking!

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If you or someone you know is looking for a means to get access to land to start work with permaculture, intentional community and regenerative ways of life - Windward is a place where they can develop a sustainable livelihood width others who share their passion and values.  Windward offers 3 month immersion experience in land-based community working to develop village scale systems of food, shelter, energy and more.  We are looking for people with courageous hearts and a love for the work who may want to join us in the adventure.

Apprenticeships are a 3 month full immersion experience in a land-based intentional community working side-by-side with Stewards of the Windward community gaining practical, hands-on skills with the tools needed to build a life in concert with the natural world

Apprenticeships are tailored to fit the desires and needs of Apprentices, Windward Stewards, and, if appropriate, academic advisors.

Sustainable systems are multi-faceted & diverse so Apprentices should be prepared to learn and participate in wide ranging projects and tasks while also choosing an area of focus for an in-depth learning experience. Areas of focus are co-created during the application process.

Areas of focus to explore include:

Ecological Food Systems

Permaculture Design
Dryland AgroEcology
Annual & Perennial Polycultures
Integrative Animal Husbandry
Preserving the Harvest
Forest Stewardship

Community Living

Representative Consensus
Community & Gift Economies
Histrically Relevant Communities
Radical Self Responsibility
Conscious & Sustainable Relationships

Appropriate Technology

Woody Biomass Gassification
Solar Cooking & Food Dehydration
Building an Axial-Flux Alternator
Auduino Micro Control Computers
Making Ramed Earth Bricks