Alaskan Off Grid Wilderness Woman Seeks Her Dream Man - Is That You?

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From Kellie Nightlinger:

I am a kind-hearted, confident wilderness woman seeking a chivalrous, resouceful kindred spirit with zeal for the outdoors, children, and living life to its very fullest. I am looking for a best friend and partner. I am looking for a man with honor to be my soul mate. I am living a life off-the-grid and I would like a sexy man to share my adventures with.

My you tube channel is primarily a raw footage blog of my world-wide adventures, survival tips, adventure junkie sports, off-the grid and green living, remote log cabin build, and snipits of my life as I “Live fast and free and just as wild as can be.” I am slowly improving my editing skills to better serve you. My goal in life is to inspire and motivate others to “Get outdoors and go wild and follow your wildest dreams.” These videos are meant as glimpses into my wild life & for survival tips. I am not a professional videographer. I do not spend countless hours editing my videos.

I am too busy living a life off the grid in my mobile, micro home in the wilds of Alaska and at my off-the-grid cabin-survival school in Montana to sit in front of a computer at a coffee shop. I primarily use my I-phone for quick uploads. I apologize for shaky quality. I have been teaching survival to thousands annually since moving to Alaska and to hundreds annually for the past ten years......

So does this wilderness gal have your heart?  Reach out!  If not.... maybe you live far far from anywhere and haven't found someone compatible with your region of the world or your lifestyle.  This is your chance.  There are lots of off-gridders on our page!   Feel free to write a little script about yourself or simply post age /sex / region in the comments and let the hunt begin. 

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