What If You Could Work In An Off-Grid Wilderness Lodge, Free Room And Board, Plus Get Paid!?

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The island houses two State Marine Parks and measures three square miles. CIRI Alaska Tourism Corporation owns the portion of the island occupied by the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge and Day Lodge facilities, the rest of the island is uninhabited. This wilderness destination offers an amazing opportunity for visitors and employees to be immersed in nature. All of our facilities run on solar and propane generator power. We have our own water and waste systems. We expect that our employees help us conserve energy and resources as much as possible.

Commonly open positions:

  • Island Chefs/Cooks
  • Island Maintenance
  • Guest Services / Room Attendant / Guest activities / Servers
  •  Customer Service Agent / Dishwasher / Gift Shop

Island Activities

  • Hiking on island
  • Marine tours (We offer our employee discounts)
  • Kayaking, both lagoon and sea
  • Beach combing
  • Reading
  • Studying nature

Seward Activities

  • Sea Life Center
  • Movie Theater
  • Library/Museum
  • Shopping, Restaurants, Gift Shops, Grocery Stores
  • Fitness centers


Travel to Seward Alaska

  • Flights - Closest commercial airport (Ted Stevens International) is in Anchorage. The flight from Seattle is approximately 3 hours in duration.
  • Driving - It takes approximately two and a half hours to drive south from Anchorage to Seward along the Seward Highway, designated an All American Road, the highest accolade in the National Scenic Byway program. This is a very spectacular drive.
  • Train - Rail travel is available and employees can receive a 50% discount (May 10th thru Sept 15th) if space is available. To receive the discount, a faxed request on company letter head, signed by a Manager must be sent to the Alaska Railroad.
  • Pre-Season Coach Service -Limited, no cost, space available transportation from Anchorage to Seward with Kenai Fjords may be possible for employees traveling between April 1st and May 15th, bookings are required and should be made 48 hours in advance. Pickups are in the early morning and only available at select hotels or locations. Please call 800-270-1238 for additional details.
  • Shuttle Bus - Travel is available to Seward year round via Seward Bus Line 907-224-3608. They will provide a drop off at Kenai Fjords Tours on request and pick up from the airport for $45 plus tax.
  • Coach Service - The Park Connection (May 17th thru Sept 14th) offers two departures a day from the lodge. Employees can receive a 50% discount. ($28 plus tax)

Local Transportation

Kenai Fjords Tours is located in the small boat harbor and easily accessible by car, bike, or on foot. Local taxi services are available 24 hours a day.

What would I need to bring with me?

A Good Alarm Clock (battery operated) if you have an early shift! The summer climate can be absolutely gorgeous and sunny one day and cold and wet the next. It can be cold in early May and September, so you'll need an assortment of clothing. The average summer temperature is 65°F. Some suggestions for your packing might include:

Suggested Personal Items

  • 10 day supply underwear / socks
  • Toiletries (available for purchase in Seward)
  • Do not bring towels, bedding, or pillow (they will be provided)
  • Warm Gloves (30% off at Helly Hansen in Seward)
  • Warm Hat (30% off at Helly Hansen in Seward)
  • Jacket, water- and windproof (rain jacket provided as part of uniform)
  • Hiking boots, waterproof
  • Sweaters and warm fleece
  • Shorts. (Yes there is the possibility of warm weather!)
  • Uniform pants and shoes (details below)
  • Do not over pack - you will only need about 6 outfits. One outfit should be "Eddie Bauer" casual, to wear when traveling on employee-discounted rates for sightseeing tours.

Suggested Recreational Items

  • Sleeping Bag and Tent
  • Waterproof Hiking Shoes
  • Swim Suit
  • Fishing Gear
  • CD's, DVD's, VHS, iPod or MP3 with rechargeble Batteries
  • Video Camera or Camera, Books, Magazines, Board Games, Playing Cards
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