32 Wilderness Survival Skills For Kids

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We went to work and created this wilderness skill set.

Keep in mind kids come in all ages. Not all skills are appropriate for younger kids, in particular.

Basic Wilderness Survival Skills for Kids

1. Rowing and steering a rowboat, canoe, and any other watercraft common in your area

2. Safely use an axe and/or hatchet

3. Safely build, start, maintain, and extinguish fires, including fires for signaling, warmth, and cooking

4. Prep wood for fire, from kindling through larger logs

5. Make firestarters from a variety of resources, including those you can find in the woods

6. Keep a blade tool clean and sharp

7. Tie different types of knots

8. Water safety, beyond just swimming

9. Camouflage


10. Find or build a shelter in the wilderness

11. Select a campsite, including weather and safety considerations

12. Make a tarp shelter

13. Camping in multiple weather zones and environments (beach, snow)

14. Local edible and medicinal plant foraging skills

15. Stay warm, cool, and dry in the elements

16. Pitch a tent

17. Understand dietary needs and how to meet them using wild plants and game

Finding Their Way

18. Climb a tree to get away from predators, to get directional bearings, and to hunt

19. Read several kinds of maps (including topographic) and use at least one kind of compass

20. Read the sky for directions, time and approaching bad weather

21. Use a GPS


22. Dutch oven cooking

23. Raise food livestock

24. Slaughter and prepare food livestock for eating

25. Build and use a cooking fire

Local Wildlife

26. Identify and understand animal tracks and scat

27. Understand basic feral animal behavior

28. Recognize dangerous local animals, their habitats, and signs they are nearby

29. Identify local poisonous animals, their habitats

30. Identify local edible plants and animals, their habitat

31. Fish and hunt using a bow and a gun

32. Clean and prepare fish and wild game for eating

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