7 Survival Ideas You Never Thought About

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There’s no doubt that preparing for an SHTF scenario is not something you can do in a week or two. It takes time, a little bit of money and a little bit of work.

Only problem is that the more we know, the more we feel like we know. So we start absorbing information like a sponge. We end up learning things that we’ve never even considered back when we were unawakened. Some of these things may even be considered weird by the average Joe but we know better.

I have a few interesting survival ideas for you that I think you might like. These are not the common sense ones as that everyone’s talking and writing about. The ones in this article are meant to not only help you but to make you say:

Ahh, I never thought about that. That’s clever!

Ready? Let’s get started with #1.

Idea #1: A Clever Way To Rotate Your Food Stockpile

If you’re stockpiling some of your food under the bed, there’s a neat little trick to easily rotate it. Always deposit the cans on one side of the bed and remove them from the other. This process will naturally push the older ones through and cause you to take the oldest can when you want to use one.

Pretty neat, right?

Idea #2: Need A Dog To Protect Your Home?

Don’t spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on one. There are plenty of dogs in need of adoption that are going to be great friends and faithful protectors.

When you go to the shelter, consider selecting the biggest and strongest dog instead of the cutest, most cuddly puppy. Most people don’t do that as they’re mainly looking for companions.  Not only do the older dogs need love too, but they’ll be an immediate improvement to your home security system.

Idea #3: A Family Photo…That Hides A Secret

Let’s say you buried some of your valuables somewhere on your property. You obviously want to remember exactly where that place is but you don’t want to write it down or leave any marks or clues. How do create a reminder so that only you and your immediate family know the exact location?

Easy. Just take a photo of your loved ones standing on the exact same spot where you’re supposed to dig. Make copies of the photo and have everyone keep it in their wallets and bug out bags. No one will ever know or guess the true purpose of those photos…

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