The Latest New Go Sun Solar Stove Heats to 550 Degrees Without Electricity In Minutes!

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When I first saw the GoSun stove I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Inventor Patrick Sherwin took an existing idea for concentrating solar energy, the evacuated tube hot water heater, and adapted it to cooking. But I noted that you have to modify the way you eat too; "Instead of a big solar oven that adapts to our conventional idea of cooking, The GoSun requires a bit of adaptation of our diet. But that really is a feature, not a bug; it can be a healthier diet with less food waste."

GoSun Solar Cook Stove

Solar cooking just got even better thanks to the new fuss-free GoSun stove. This uber awesome tube stove can cook delicious meals without using a lick of fuel – in just 20 minutes. This latest version of this sun-powered design has been super-successful through the concept phase through Kickstarter and Indigogo, where it promoted the addition of a sun-charged lithium battery that assists when there is no sun, so that whether it's sunny or cloudy or dark, you can cook where boiling or frying or baking is easy and fast! The latest stove version is production ordered for shipment in June 2016, so you can pre-order directly through GoSun's Home Page The original super-stylish Go Sun Sport and the stove is available at less than $300! direct on their web site, or here at Amazon

So now they have introduced a new cooker with a much larger 5" inside diameter evacuated tube that they had custom made just for cooking. It's big enough that you can put in trays, racks and a whole bird. It also comes with a substantial and solid base, cover and optional stand so that it can operate like a real backyard barbecue. Almost all the limitations of the previous design have been basically designed out.

Cooking with the GoSun is a lot healthier than cooking with charcoal, and better for the environment than cooking with gas, and we are not running out of sun anytime soon. (Running out of propane in the middle of cooking is a serious pain.) However the sun doesn't always shine, so they have actually invented a solar battery that is full of a phase-changing organic wax material; Stick it in the GoSun for two hours and it will "autonomously cook a meal for eight people. For example, this could be four pounds of chicken or four loaves of bread."

© GoSun

Using the latent-heat capacity of our proprietary PCM (short for Phase Change Material) encapsulated within an aluminum extrusion, the Thermal Battery is able to store much more energy than a material with only sensible heat (such as concrete or sand). Through the process of melting the PCM at roughly 310°F or 155°C, the Sun’s energy is stored for use later in the day. Capable of reaching temperatures over 400°F or 205°C, this heat is fully insulated while left inside the evacuated tube chamber.

This can work only because the vacuum tube is such a good insulator.

GoSun has worked hard to turn an idea that did have limitations into one that can be used for almost any kind of cooking. It is a sort of steaming, so you won't be doing conventional barbecued burgers and steaks, but hey, we eat too much of that stuff anyway. You can still bake, roast, steam and boil and that's a lot healthier than grilling. This is a big step forward in the world of solar cooking.

© GoSun

There is another side to the GoSun story; empowerment. They have taken the GoSun on the road to Guatemala, and have been teaching the locals how to use the stove, to help eliminate the second leading cause of death, smoke inhalation related illnesses. They are part of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves to help the 3 billion people on earth who cook with dirty fuel sources.

When there's sunlight, and you don't want to run out to get charcoal and lighter fluid, you don't need anything extra to cook with one of these.

Its easy set up that doesn’t require hours of positioning differentiates the GoSun from other solar cookers. The design of the fold out anodized aluminum envelope attracts the sun at any angle, honing its power and transferring it to the evacuated glass tube, where sunlight is absorbed and amplified. The interior of the GoSun can heat up to 550°F in mere minutes.

The quick heating means that cooking possibilities are endless. Baking bread, boiling pasta, sizzling meats, simmering stew and frying mozzarella sticks are all yummy variations that can be done off the grid in winter or summer. Because the glass tube heats to such a high temperature, food can be kept warm for hours, offering your family and friends a hot meal long after the sun has gone down.

The stove retains 80-90 percent of the sunlight it catches, amplifying its power with parabolic reflection that bounces the heat back and forth inside the tube without any thermal loss.

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