Off-grid self-reliance & survivalism in Australia's outback (Video)

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To maximize his generator time, he runs 3 twin tub washing machines (designed to be used without mains pressurized water, he manually moves the clothes between wash and rinse cycles) and simultaneously runs the pump to the refill the overhead tank that holds his household water supply.

Currently his rainwater catchment system is too small for all his water needs so he has to rely on pays to have his reserves refilled by truck, but he hopes to improve his catchment and avoid this cost in the future.

Right now, he saves 80% of his income and his largest expense is his internet bill (he spends a lot of time posting to his youtube channel), followed by the water bill. He does shop at the supermarket, but he has had tougher times economically when he has relied on foraging for things like native peas, stinging nettle and wild honey and hunting Australia's "national pest"- rabbits (something he can do on foot with his hands).

He admits some things are a bit more complicated, but "there's a lot of ways and means that you essentially end up achieving what you had on-grid anyway".

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