The Gas-less Chain Saw: Now Who's Ready To Try This!?

Categories: Survival

Step 1: Cut the Chain

Picture of Cut the Chain IMG_5872.jpg

Start by cutting one link of the chain to break the loop. Chain saw chains are made of hardened tool steel so cutting them is a bit of a challenge. Unlike a bike chain you the pins are flattened on each end, so a chain breaker won't work. I used a bandsaw for this step, but if you don't have access to one, a hack saw will work (it'll just take much longer).

Step 2: Insert Webbing Picture of Insert Webbing  IMG_5891.jpg IMG_5877.jpg IMG_5880.jpg

The best way I found to create handles for the chain saw was to use some nylon tube webbing. Star by cutting a 18 inch piece of webbing and melting the ends with a match or lighter to keep it from fraying. Next, simply insert the end of the chain about 6 inches into the end of the piece of webbing.

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