The Greatest Scam In The History Of The World

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When confronted in the news with all of the possibilities of things that can and will go wrong in the world, some of those are natural disasters, some are man made ones.  Some things we can predict, and some we cannot.  We have sensors that can tell that a volcano is beginning to rumble, and the warning forecast is better than ever before.  We have plenty of notice to clear the path of a raging hurricane and go somewhere or batten down the hatches.  We even have a pretty good idea where the tornadoes are headed with advanced warning systems to get us to safety.  We have been through some heavy financial downturns with the housing collapse and stock market recession in the recent past, but it is possible and likely that what is to come will make the past events appear as a pale foreshadowing of a dismal collapse.  With so much hinging on the strength of the U.S. economy, it is important to be prepared through knowledge and understanding of how things work.  This video gives some clarity to a financial distress of our current system in the U.S.  

I'm not one to fear monger, or to worry about the future, but the knowledge of potential risks always helps one to prepare and insulate against disaster.  The idea of getting off the grid is forecasting a future where technology makes it easier and cheaper to set up a system.  With a single stroke of genius, LED lighting has begun a trend of global energy reduction on a rapid pace with regards to lighting.  

If there were to be a global financial collapse and / or the power grid were to fail.... or if some major disaster effected the larger part of the U.S, a couple who lives on 100 acres in the wilderness who farms their own food, the Amish and Menonites, those who get by without technology... will be insulated from the change, and will barely feel it.  Not that we all need to live like that, but I would be sure to know someone who lives like that as your close friend.  If it all came down, it's nice to have a place to go where you know you will eat.

This video seems to be well thought out and knowledgeable.   In the comments below, explain whether you agree or disagree with the premise, and why.  Are you off the grid, or at least familiar enough to set up a power system should say a hurricane take out your power for two months?  Do you feel prepared for whatever may come your way?  Explain.  Please don't comment unless you've watched the whole thing.  


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