Top 4 Life-Saving Survival Tools You Shoud Have…

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3. Hyper-Active Silhouette Targets

These targets are best used NOW, before we find ourselves in a bad situation, unprepared…


Is your “shot” up to par? We believe it can always improve…

Luckily, these targets are used by some of the best shooters in America. But, don’t think they were born with a perfect shot.

They had to practice. That’s what these silhouette targets are all about. You have to practice your shot to make sure you can protect your family when the time comes.

So, what makes these targets the best?

  • You can tell where you shot hits from as far aw 300 yards away.
  • There’s black chalk over bright neon with an adhesive backing.
  • Different colors will show you exactly where your shot hit.
  • They’re WAY more durable then plain, flimsy paper targets.

And, there’s a special link where you can get TEN of these targets for free, just pay shipping! Start practicing NOW… you’ll be thankful later.

4. Round Adhesive Targets

You already know the benefit of practicing your shot NOW, so that you’ll be prepared later…

Round adhesive targets give you another tool to practice.

I used these targets ranging from 5 yards to about 40 yards and I could see the rounds hit clear as day.

They’re made from good thick material and not super flimsy like a regular paper target.

These are best used by beginners to get started… if you’re more of an intermediate level shooter… check out the silhouette targets (tool #3 above). 

via NationalProtectionAssociation 

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