Zip-Tie Snow-Chains Invention Is Fantastic! Don't Get Stranded In The Snow!

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Here's something new and creative!  After growing up and learning to drive in the snow, we had to always be ready to yank out the chains and put them on.  Chains are heavy, and once you lose the box they came in, or you mix up the sets between the cars during summer storage, it's easy not to have them with you at the start of winter.  Chains are specifically fit to the tire size.  This is one great idea that isn't heavy, that is a fits all solution, and goes great in the glove box or a small bag in the car to keep year round as a great emergency solution.  Check it out:

Zip Grip Go is an innovative traction aid for drivers who want or need the assurance of chains but prefer the convenience zip ties.  Zip Grip Go installs in just minutes by simply threading our patented zip ties through your tires and securing with the locking head.  Designed for short distances and at low speeds,  Zip Grip Go has been thoroughly tested and has been proven to get drivers safely out of an emergency situation. Watch our easy to install video on the link below.

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Zip Grip Go’s patented cleated traction installs in just minutes and is ideal to help get you to safety should you find yourself stuck in mud, snow, or wintery weather.  No more hauling heavy chains or messy bags of kitty litter around, Zip Grip Go does not take up precious trunk space.  It’s truly peace of mind. Easy to install and keep in your trunk, these should be apart of your emergency kit, you are going to be thankful when you need them!  

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The snow is here, and like it or not, it will keep coming. We spent three years involved in rigourous resarch and development. Our patented products received the a Popular Mechanics Best Innovation Award. We are pleased to be bringing this to the public and ask for your help in supporting us on our upcoming KickStarter Campaing. Are you ready to order your set of Zip Grip Go’s? Stay tuned for the annoucment of our KickStarter campaign.

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