Back To The Future; The Hoverboard Is Finally Here! And The New Tech Is A Worldchanger!

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It has taken a whole generation.  When I was a kid, and we saw Marty McFly use the hoverboard in October 2015, and we were told that the hover boards were out, and would soon show up in stores.  To our dissappointment, that never happened, and either it was a myth or the tech was suppressed.  This is just the way I remember it:

That movie was released in 1988.  

Now here we are 27 years later, and Lexus has managed to produce such a board:

The car company spent July teasing us with trailers hinting at its capabilities: we saw it float, we saw mysterious vapours ebb from its body, and we saw pro-skateboarder Ross McGouran -- its first test rider -- swoon over it. Now we have just over two minutes of footage showing the board in action, and it was worth the wait.

The video -- partially shot with a Frame Droid Works Octocopter -- shows Londoner McGouran look on with shaking-head as a tentative bystander hops on board, then swiftly falls off. The pro finally makes his move, carefully stepping onto the slick bamboo and carbon fibre body before edging to a ramp that drops down to a rectangular body of water built into the skatepark where the video was shot near Barcelona. He leaps off before making it there, letting the board slick across the water, a few centimetres in the air.

A series of tricks follow, with McGouran taking on handrails (the board can't quite make the landing). Before finally the money-shot comes -- McGouran repeatedly takes on the water feature, sliding entirely across it. There's plenty of contact with the water -- as there is with the ground at times during the video -- temporarily breaking the illusion we are living in Back To The Future II and Marty McFly is fulfilling our dreams.

The board, measuring 92x22x9cm, can carry weights of up to 200kg "so it can stand not only the

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