Meet MOW: A Fun Wireless Light Solution

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Meet MOW  

Fun and simple, MOW is perfect to light up all your activities! It is intuitive by design. Really handy, there is no buttons, just tip over to switch on! With simple gesture, it is possible to change the power of the light, the colour or the effect. MOW is for everyone!

Project's story 

I am a French designer and I've always been passionate about industrial design. I've started to develop MOW when I was a student, about 2 years ago; I started from the shape and user interface, then I met skilled engineers to make it work.

January 2015 was the turning point of the story. When looking for industrial partnership, I met the founders of Busybee who strongly believed in and supported my project. Together, we sorted all the little details from machinery to certifications and planned for production.

This campaign is the fruit of all this effort. Your support is the last thing we need to turn this project into reality. 


  • Charge wirelessly using induction technology
  • Light mode: for a powerful and pleasant light
  • Decoration mode: multiple colours and effects
  • No buttons, intuitive and natural interface
  • Put MOW upsidedown to switch it off
  • And Open-source to make your own MOW !

Charges wirelessly using Induction technology

Never worry about wires and plugging: MOW charges contactless! Just put it on its stand and you are done. Battery life is about 10 hours using the most powerful mode ! Enough to bring MOW on a trip. Beach or mountain, you decide!

Compact and Powerful !

As well as being a beautiful object that creates custom atmospheres, MOW is also a powerful lamp that lights your home. Compact, handy and nomad, MOW has a lighting mode that uses high power LEDs capable of producing light equivalent to a 50W incandescent bulb! For an electric consumption 20 time less. Ideal to read, on your bedside table or your desk. The light can be adjusted to adapt your needs!

How it works 

L'aspect Open-source !

MOW is Open-source and you can customise it! It is Arduino compatible and ships with the source code. You can add effects and features and play with the internal hardware:

  • Arduino compatible microcontroler
  • 3 axes accelerometer
  • RGB LEDs, with more than 65,000 colours
  • Very powerful white LEDs
  • 4,500mAh battery
  • Induction wireless charger

Go find it on Kickstarter

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