Solar Powered Wearables Guaranteed To Give You A Charge

Categories: Tech

Your summer forecast: sunny with a chance of spontaneous combustion. Make that giant ball of helium and hydrogen work for you for a change with these seven solar-powered wearables. No power outlets necessary—simply plug, play, and perambulate at will. Above, a custom-made solar-powered bikini keeps gadgets primed while you soak in the rays (and stares).

Shake a little leg in Despina Papadopoulos's flapper-inspired mini-dress, which soaks up the rays during the day so it can set your curves aglow at night. Composed of 448 white circuit-board tiles interspersed with black solar cells, the Day for Night Solar Dress is ready to boogie from sunrise to sunset.

Harness the power of the heavens with the Tommy Hilfigure Solar Powered Jacket which comes equipped with photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. Charging the hidden battery pack to full capacity is more than enough to juice up an iPod or cellphone.

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