This Cool New Ice Chest Doubles As An Off Grid Air Conditioner!

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Back in November, I heard there was a new product helping off-grid and camping enthusiasts to beat the heat, and they had set up shop right in my back yard in Bixby Oklahoma.  I went for a tour of the factory and enjoyed chatting with the guys.  My videos are giving me grief at the moment and I can't get them uploaded, but one of the workers drives to work in a fully lithium battery powered pickup truck with a forklift motor.  These guys are innovators in every sense of what that means!

So how many of you have found yourself in the heat of the hot summer, and grab a cold water out of the cooler.  All you can think about is sticking your head in the cold icy water to get a bit of cooling off, but "what if someone sees you put your nasty hair in the water."  

The innovators at Icy Breeze have taking a simple concept and brought it to the planet.  It's made in the U.S.A. which means the costs are higher than if it were made in China, but they are trying to keep the jobs here close to home.  The idea is very simple.  It runs like a radiator that keeps dipping into the ice water for fresh cold coolant, and the air blows through a little radiator, cooling as it passes through.  As long as there is cold water, cold air will keep on coming.  It doubles as a cooler even while you cool.  The battery pack will run for about 6 hours, or you can plug into your 12v car / boat / airplane outlet or wall outlet to keep cooling.  

The IcyBreeze works by circulating ice cold water in the cooler through a radiator. A three speed fan draws air under the lid and drawing it through a chilled radiator, cooling the air. The ice cold air is then blown out of the Flexi-hose up to 35 degrees cooler than the outside air.
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