This Cool New Ice Chest Doubles As An Off Grid Air Conditioner!

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Here's a clip from the Miami International boat show.  You know it's a hit in Florida, because it's always hot!  

Power adapters for wall plug and 12v car/boat/plane adapater

Small craft airplanes don't always have air conditioning.  It can get hot in the cockpit, so this type of portable cooling is an exciting innovation for pilots, and boat cabins.  

I see using it for a little shop, shed, or house, in the car, at the baseball game, and for the cost of a bag or two of ice, the dual-purpose use of it makes very resourceful.  

They come in a variety of colors, so they look pretty too.  At $395.00, they're not cheap, but they're much cheaper than their competitors in the airplane cooler industry.  When compared to small air conditioners, it's a great value, and comes in very handy.  There is a large cost factor in the large lightweight internal battery pack.  Link to buy one here. 

I'm all about supporting great innovations and ideas that are on the right track to make our world a better place.  I say let's help them sell millions, and the costs will come down.  Five years from now, hopefully, this will be an inexpensive household item.  For now it's a bit of a luxury, and the tooling costs to get set up are extraordinary.  It takes a while for them to pay back all those up front costs.  

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