Could you live in a Small or even Tiny Home?

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The Tiny House Movement is everywhere these days, as people young and old are casting off their possessions and moving into spaces that are 200 square feet or smaller. But is this style of living right for you?

While still a bit of an oddity, there is no doubt that the tiny house is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you crave more financial freedom, wish to reduce your impact on the environment or want to live a simpler life, tiny homes have a lot to offer — but they are not without trade offs. If you are enchanted by the idea of a tiny home but aren’t sure if it’s for you, here our friends at Go Down Size explain what you should consider about living in a small dwelling.

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Moving into a small space or a tiny home can be a huge step, and potentially one of the most radical and liberating decisions you can make.

In this post we will look at how you can test it out, and how you can really know if this is something for you.

How to test out tiny living

When we first got the idea of living in a small space, we were living in a 4-bedroom city apartment.

We decided to section off half of our apartment, and thereby move ourselves from 4 rooms to 2 rooms (1,000 sq.ft. –> 550 sq.ft.). We didn’t rent another apartment or get a tenant right away, we just closed off two rooms, and left them empty.

This way we could try to fit our stuff in the smaller space, and we could find out if we would need more space to be alone etc.

After a month or two, we found that this was absolutely doable, and we decided to rent out the two empty rooms.

This can be a good approach if you feel like taking the process slowly, and test it out without having to actually move to another place, or rent out a room.

SMALLER doesn’t necessarily mean TINY

For some, it will be a challenge to move from 3,000 sq.ft. to 1,500, while others can jump right into a tiny house.

Consider the monthly and yearly amount of money you can save, by letting go of just one room.

You might be living in a 4-bedroom apartment like we did, so moving into 3 rooms might enable you to save up money to travel extensively, if that is what you dream about.

Losing just one room can save you a LOT of money

Let’s say you can save $200 per month from going from 4 rooms to 3 rooms.

That adds up to $2,400 per year, which is more than you need to go travel from U.S to Europe (or vice versa), and go explore a new part of the world.

Or maybe you can buy a gym membership with a private trainer, in order to lose weight, if that’s your dream.

You get the idea.

One room will save you a lot of money, and who knows, maybe you get hooked on the idea like we did and decide to really downsize.

We ended up saving a lot of money, and during the last couple of years, we have been able to pay off our debt WHILE we also got the chance to go to Thailand, Kenya, Nigeria and England!

Not bad!

Downsizing as a couple

Normally one of you will get caught on the idea of downsizing first.

In our case, it was me who got the idea.

Morten didn’t get it at first. It wasn’t until we really discussed the financial aspects of it all that he got interested.

Being able to pay off our debt faster was a huge motivator, and after a while, he also fell in love with the simplicity and the lifestyle that follows.

So be patient with one another, and let the idea and process take it’s time to sink in.

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