People Try Living In A Tiny House for 3 Hours (Video)

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Have we gotten so comfortable in our way of living that we are not willing to declutter our lives from the junk we have accumulated through the years and live a simpler life?

Two couples and a single man, try living in a tiny home for only 3 hours, just enough time for them to experience this way of living and get an idea of how it feels like to barely have any room.

The first couple gets a tour by the owner where they are shown how to use the compost toilet. It alternates the three visits to stretch out the experience. 

The single man is 6'7" and seems to struggle in this tiny space because of his size, even though he likes the concept and understands the allure of living in a tiny home, decides this life is not for him.

The other two couples seem lo like it and have some ideas on improving the space, but the young wife of one of themdefenately said no, even when the husband said he would love to travel with it.

What would you do? Is this appealing to you? 

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