Super Spacious Dream Tiny House

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The kitchen design also takes full advantage of the extra width provided by this home and uses full size, residential appliances. Impressively, this off-the-grid home is even able to power a domestic oven using the 6 PV panels which are located on the roof of the home.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of this tiny house is the bathroom, which by Tiny House standards is incredibly large, providing more than enough space to even get comfortably dressed. Normally, it would be easy to say that dedicating so much space to a bathroom in a tiny house is wasteful but in this home, it works and the large bathroom does feel in proportion to the rest of the house. 

One of the most notable features in the home has to be the concrete-look shower, which is constructed under the stairs which leads into the sleeping loft. This was cleverly constructed from pebbles, waterproofing membrane, paint and sealant to give the desired look, without the weight of a real concrete shower.

By constructing a house on wheels, Antje has been able to build a beautiful home that is truly her own. The result is a spacious, modern and edgy tiny house which has all the comforts of a larger home. There’s certainly no compromise here in terms of space, or design.

by Bryce / via Youtube

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