101 Reasons To Live Off Grid

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12. Preserves knowledge When we live sustainably it preserves the knowledge through the ages for generations to come. If we all lived in a consumer world we’d lose this precious knowledge and it would be lost forever. What would we do if we didn’t preserve that knowledge by sharing it with our kids, and the world? The advent of the internet and high technology allows us to share with the entire world, with the click of a mouse, the knowledge of our ancestors, forever preserving the knowledge for humanity.

13. Teaches future generations Teaching others brings its own rewards, both for the student and the teacher. The beauty of it is that being off grid allows us to teach a new (old) way of living that everyone should know. The reward of the good feeling of teaching is just a bonus.

14. Shares experience Sharing the experience we have with others is part of life. It’s deeply fulfilling to share your experience with others, adds to your sense of purpose, and helps them at the same time. They will, in turn, share that experience with others and so on. It’s self perpetuating, and furthers the advancement of knowledge.

15. Advances humanity The knowledge of course advances humanity - everyone’s knowledge base build atop the last. Like building blocks of sustainable living, it creates a foundation to build a better life, and that we can all benefit from.

16. Uses less resources Living off grid consumes fewer resources. Simple as that. When we live off the grid we actually create more resources than we use, and this benefits the local community.

17. Avoids consumerism & waste Consumption of resources is running rampant, and needless waste is at an all time high. To reduce waste and consumerism it’s much better to create and produce resources. When you live a sustainable and renewable lifestyle you become a boon to society and create more than you use. This helps keep consumption to a minimum and sets a great example for others.

18. Leads by example Because you’re doing it, you’re living the lifestyle, you’re leading by example. When you walk the talk, and live this lifestyle, it shows others there is another way to do things. That it doesn’t have to be all about consuming, that you can give back, and still live a fulfilling and rich life.

19. Better for our kids It also goes without saying that it’s better for our kids to see us live this way because it will help propagate awareness for the responsibility we have to live smarter lives.

20. Healthier food When you live off grid, you tend to eat healthier food. Your food is healthier because you grow it without pesticides and without harmful chemicals.

21. Fresh air The air is fresher in the country. Considering that many in China are buying air now to breath well, not much more needs to be said about that.

22. Digging in the dirt! Lets face it, we all love digging in the dirt.

23. We get to build stuff Living off grid allows you to build stuff and make things. Things you wouldn’t normally be able to make, and projects you wouldn’t normally be able to work on in the city. Like the next spaceship to Mars for example, or a time machine. Or maybe you could build a new kind of greenhouse that grows 100 pounds of food fruits and veggies per square foot. Now there’s an idea.

24. Independence When you live the off grid life, you instantly become less dependent on the system, and more independent and self reliant. You are no longer bound by a system which does not have your best interests in mind.

25. Connect with nature This is one of the most fulfilling parts of the lifestyle of off grid living. The connection with nature you have is much deeper and on a level much more profoundly satisfying than suburban life. Waking up each morning to the sounds of nature instead of honking horns, slamming doors and shrill sirens. Being able to walk outside in the morning and feel the crisp cool fresh country air while you sip your hot morning beverage while listening to the sounds of the birds singing, the cool morning breeze blowing, the deer in the field lifting its head to look at you while you sit in your rocking chair, the flock of geese browsing the edge of the lake, is the epitome of contentment and connection with the natural world.

26. Teach our kids the value of a days work When you live off grid your daily life is full of work, and lots of things that need to be done throughout the day. Raising your children with a strong work ethic is important, and will come more naturally on an off grid homestead. It will instill in your children and sense of accomplishment, and what it takes and what it means to complete a days work.

27. Physical exercise Running a farm or ranch takes work. You’re constantly on the go. As such your physical activity level will be much higher than the average person. It’s great exercise.

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