37 RV Tips & Tricks That Will Make You A Happy Camper!

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 7. Dry Erase Board Use


Dry erase boards come in handy for many uses but they can help with safety concerns as well. Keep one in the RV to write down the name of the campground, address, spot number, phone number of the campground, and any other useful information about the site you may want to be nearby in case of an accident or emergency.

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8. Getting Better Wi-Fi Signal


Wi-Fi is a given at most campsites now, but sometimes it can be hard to get a good signal. The easiest way to boost the signal is a simple $20 fix, a Wi-Fi Reception Booster.

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9. Collapsible Garbage Can 


RV’s are low on storage, a large trashcan is difficult to travel with. However, using a collapsible laundry basket makes a perfect impromptu trash can that stores away easily.

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10. Space Saving Containers


Square containers use space more efficiently than the round containers many items come in, they piece together better, and don’t move around as easily while in transit!

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11. Tissue Box Container


Tissue Boxes get tossed around, sat on, and wet until they become unusable. A simple Tupperware container can help to fix these problems. Cut a slot into the container and place the tissue box in it and it becomes a water proof box you won’t easily squish.

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12. Black Out Curtain Trick


Black out curtains are one of the best investments for RVing. After a long drive sometimes you just need to go to bed and the sun doesn’t always cooperate with when you would like to sleep. A great trick is to Velcro the blackout curtains to some nice curtains you like, so you get the best of both worlds without the hassle of putting up more curtain rods.

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