Your All-Inclusive Checklist For Grilling Season

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With grilling season upon us, having a properly equipped space and well-maintained grill makes grilling so much more fun! These tools, cleaning tasks and tips will help make grilling more convenient and fun this year.


Everyday Grill Maintenance

  • Before cooking, preheat grill and use grill brush to scrape grates.
  • Wipe up spills as soon as they happen.
  • If you have a charcoal grill, wait until grill is completely cool before disposing of ashes.
  • Once grill is cool, cover with a grill cover between uses.

Cleaning and Grill Maintenance Tools

Tip: Get the right grill brush. Choose a grill brush with brass bristles if you have a grill with stainless steel grates, but choose one with stainless steel bristles if your grill has cast iron grates. And be sure to check your grill brush regularly for loose bristles. If bristles begin to loosen, it’s time for a new brush; you don’t want any bristles ending up in your next dinner.

Essential Tools for Cooking on the Grill

Tip: Add night lighting. Cooking in the dark is bound to result in over- or underdone food and is no fun for the grillmaster. Instead of relying on a headlamp or flashlight, why not splurge on grill-zone lighting? Choose overhead lighting, a grill-side task light or a combination of the two.

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