How Anyone Can Be More Self Sufficient

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Ways Anyone Can Be More Self Sufficient

I firmly believe that being self sufficient is one of the most important things a person can do. We rely on someone else for almost everything in our lives... 

We rely on the electric companies to keep our homes running. We rely on the propane companies to keep our homes heated. We rely on the grocery stores to keep our families fed.

What would happen if one of those resources were suddenly gone? Would your family be able to find an alternative? Would they be able to get by until things were restored?

I've heard many excuses over the years....I can't be more self sufficient because I live in the city. I can't be self sufficient because I live in an apartment. I can't be self sufficient because I don't have room for a garden. Just excuses....If me and my family can be somewhat self sufficient in an RV I'm pretty sure anyone can take steps to be more self sufficient no matter where you live or what you have! Today we are going to talk about a few things that ANYONE can do to become more self sufficient. Make sure to add your ideas in the comments too! 

1. Learn how to do basic skills on your own. Anyone can learn a basic stitch. You don't even need a sewing machine. Find someone in your family or a friend that knows how to sew and ask them to show you how. Learn how to cook. You don't have to be good at it! It's so easy to learn to make a basic loaf of bread, even if it's just a quick bread! There are so many basic things that you can learn to do, or even learn to do in some complicity. Here are some good basic skills to learn. 

2. Plant a garden. Yes, anyone can plant a "garden"! Whether it's a traditional garden or not, you can still grow veggies in your own backyard, or even right in your house! We have no space indoors or outdoors to have a garden so I have some pots with vegetable plants just right outside my door. It might not be much but we should be able to have fresh beans, grape tomatoes, and cucumbers with our meals this summer. Here's more on how to grow a winter or container garden.

3. Learn to can. Anyone can learn to can and preserve! It takes a few steps but it's so easy! If you don't have a large enough garden to can all your own produce you will still have to rely on someone else or a farmer's market to get produce from. But with knowing how to can you can stock up on that produce when you find and have it saved for when you really need it. I'm unable to can in my RV (but I plan on getting an outside burner someday) but for now I prepare my canned foods and take them to my mom's house and use her stove. (Freezing is also a good way to preserve although I prefer to rely on a method that does not involve electricity.) Here are some simple canning recipes to try.

4. Make sure your home is stocked up with basic things you need or may need. Basic tools, food to last more than a few days, appropriate clothing and bedding will all make you more self sufficient than the average person. You can read all about Stockpiling here.

5. Have a thorough first aid kit. Many issues can be taken care of by yourself without the need for a doctor as long as you have the appropriate first aid items in town. A small idea about herbal remedies and keeping supplies on hand so you can make your own remedies is also very beneficial.

6. Use your friends as a resource. Instead of depending on a store or a stranger use your friends and family as your resources. Buy fresh eggs from someone you know. Get extra garden produce from a friend that has extras. Learn skills from your friends that you want or need to know.

7. Learn to conserve. Even though at this time you may not actually need to conserve things like electricity and water but in the future you may need to know someday how to survive on less than what you are used to. So find ways around your home to use less water or discover items that will help you use less electricity. Better to learn how to live on less now rather than when you don't have an option!

These are easy things that you can start with to become more self sufficient, no matter where you live or what your situation is. If you are working towards trying to become more self sufficient than print out this list and get started! Do you think you can work on these things over the next 30 days?  In the meantime we also have some other great articles here on Little House Living that you might want to check out on the same topic.

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What are some things that you think anyone can do to become more self sufficient?

by Merissa / via LittleHouseLiving

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